In the spirit of wanting to share everything I know about art and art history in the most entertaining and accessible way possible, I have been working on a series of short, fact filled, videos that highlight key points in the story of western art.


‘Maid in Marble’
A delighted teenager shows off Daddy’s new ancient Greek statue. Inspired by the frescoes at the Villa dei Misteri she’d also consider marrying Bacchus… if the ceremony didn’t involve whipping!

An art history video about Classical Antiquity

Art history videos: starting with Classical Antiquity, I’m working my way through the centuries right up to the present day in bite sized arty videos.

This is where you’ll find every video for each era covered, from art history to crazy teasers. The name ‘Curated Canapés and Cocktails’ comes from a series of videos I created that included either a canapé or a cocktail or both. I’ve retained the concept!

Every art history video needs a crazy teaser.

Want to see a cocktail ‘masterclass’ in action?

The cookery show you didn’t realise you were missing.